Request for equipment - CSP needs 3-5 working days to prepare, schedule and deploy the equipment. 

Opening a ticket with a personal email will be deleted.  We will only accept eTickets from users using the company assigned email address.

Please make sure your information in your eTicket account is correct such as contact phone number and building. It is NOT CSP's responsibility to maintain the user accounts - it is your responsibility. Failure to keep your accounts up to date will delay us in processing your ticket.  

All Paycom/Paycor access or account resets, please contact your HR/Finance department.  CSP does not have access to those accounts.

All HSMS account information should be directed to your HSMS administrators at your agencies - CSP does not manage HSMS accounts.

If you are submitting a ticket on behalf of another person - fill the ticket in as that person. Otherwise, when the techs respond, they will respond to you and you will have to communicate that with the person with whom you submitted the ticket for.

To open the CSP support tool, click here.